Sunday, August 4, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 3D

AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 006AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 007
AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 008AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 009

Anime Expo 2013 3D, a set on Flickr.
I still have dozens of pairs of pictures to process, but here is the start of the 3D pictures from Anime Expo 2013.

Day 1 was also the only day where my 3D rig v1.2 was functioning where I can make portrait orientation picture pairs. The mini shutter switch failed probably due to bad soldering. Something to fix when I have time...