Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Otakon Vegas 2014 in 10 Pics or Less

Okay, there are still a lot of stories I still have to post such as D23 Expo 2013 and London One Year After the Olympics, but those require a lot of story writing.  In the meantime, I can easily write about the first con I attended this year as I really didn't do much.

I decided to extend my Christmas vacation a little bit longer so I could attend the first Otakon Vegas, which was held at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort (where Britney Spears has just started her residency) on the weekend before the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  As expected, there wasn't much to keep me busy (especially when I learned that Las Vegas' sales tax is actually higher than Orange County's, discouraging me from buying stuff in the rather small exhibit hall).  And since there was no natural light coming into the convention area, 3D pics were not taken.

Anyway here's the rundown of my Otakon Vegas experience:

Day 0 (Jan 2):  Spent all day driving around town putting together pieces for my winter version of gender bend Ika Musume.  Arrived at Planet Hollywood in the evening in hopes of picking up my badge early.  Told that they were would be ready in about an hour as they were waiting for supplies.  Went downstairs to lose $30 at the slots and try the lobsicle (lobster tail on a stick) from Lobster ME at the Miracle Mile Shops:

Went back upstairs to find that they weren't going to be ready that night.  Went home empty handed.

Day 1 (Jan 3):  Put on AX shirt and drove back to Planet Hollywood.  Waited 30 minutes to get a badge (that I had to write my name on) and a wristband I wore all weekend that was meant to get me into the 18+ panels (though in the end, I didn't go to any that required the wristband).  Watched anime I haven't heard of before in the video rooms (My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romance,  I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Got a Job), wandered in the Exhibit Hall to get an Otakon shirt, found a few interesting cosplays...

I didn't find anything interesting panels and was hungry, so I went back to video room with some Panda Express I picked up downstairs to watch Attack on Titan before calling it a night.  I tweeted about excitement about sumo demonstration and Jamie Marchi panel for Day 2...tweet got favorited.

Day 2 (Jan 4):  Managed to avoid getting stains on my Ika Musume cosplay while eating a chicken fajita omelet at La Salsa Cantina.  Made it in time to catch sumo demonstration between Byambajav Ulambayar and Kelly Gneiting...

Occupied some dead time watching a little bit of Dream Eater Merry and Eyeshield 21 before getting some more cosplay pics, especially when I find the best Ika Musume cosplay ever...

Wandered into the Aniplex of America panel...No announcement of Oreimo season 2 being released, and the free swag was only posters, but Hideaki Anno made a brief appearance to sign a poster that was given away.

Came back to the same panel room to catch the Jamie Marchi panel which really should have been 18+, but it was funny, though I was about to doze off towards the end because I was hungry.  I did get more Panda Express sometime during the day and spent the rest of the day hopping between the video rooms.  Finished the day watching Wolf Children.

Day 3 (Jan 5):  Picked up donuts from Ronald's Donuts in the Chinatown area of Vegas (ahhh, hometown comfort) and ate them while watching Golden Time.  Quickly learned that the Exhibit Hall was going to close at 1pm so I spent time to make sure that I didn't miss a good opportunity despite the sales tax difference.  

Didn't find much else to do, so after buying my first nendoroids (not nendoroid petit that I usually collect) of Hatsune Miku (no 333) and Madoka (no 332), headed back to the car when I found the first four person cosplay...

So my last big event before heading back home.  I hope the east coast attendees were not too delayed by the weather going back home.

I took a few more pics, which can be found here.

I'm gonna be pretty busy before Anime Expo 2014, so posting may not be as frequent as I hope, but I'll try...

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