Saturday, May 24, 2014

Story of a day: 3D Rig v1.3

The evolution of my 3D rig continues with v1.3, which came about because of the issues I had with the previous versions:

v1.0:  Too bulky, can only do landscape 3D pictures.

v1.1:  Compact but cramped shutter control box, but reliable.  Can only do landscape 3D pictures.

v2.0:  Used only AA batteries for the shutter control box and cameras.  Heavy (7 AA batteries were needed), and can only do landscape 3D pictures.

Last year, I was trying to resolve the landscape-only issue and cramped shutter control box with v1.2.  I had some success with taking pictures, in both landscape and portrait mode, but the wiring for the mini shutter control box broke pretty easily.