Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anime Expo 2014 - One Cosplay/Two Gatherings

As someone who works in the real world, I like to get the most bang out of everything I make.  So when I wanted to make my cosplay for this year, I wanted two gatherings that could use the same cosplay.

On day 3 of Anime Expo, I hosted two gatherings where the cosplay would fit nicely.

First up in the morning was the crossplay gathering, which I wanted to make strictly crossplay instead of crossplay/genderbend as it seemed that only guys crossplayed while girls genderbend, so I wanted to see if I was incorrect.  With a Hetalia gathering happening nearby, I have a feeling there would've been more girls crossplaying as guys in my gathering if both gatherings were held at different times.

If I knew about the crossplay 101 panel, I probably would've scheduled the gathering at a later time.  It didn't matter much in the end as the panel was cancelled.

The second gathering of the day was an IdolM@ster/Puchimas gathering which was held where the Touhou cosplayers have gathered.  Apparently, it was a little tricky to find, but we got a decent group.

The highlight of this gathering was that someone brought an Afu...I was thinking of making hand puppets as they appeared in season 2 of Puchimas.

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