Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Find Me on Instagram

Not closing this blog just yet, but I do notice that my last post here was more than two years ago. Since then, I have gotten more involved in other activities besides the anime fan life, especially the running life.

I am still a fan of cosplay and incorporate it when I can in my running activities (at runDisney events in particular), and I still attend Anime Expo.  However, in just the past two years, the way to present a story to a wide audience has changed.  Oddly enough, it goes back to the most important lesson from my college writing classes - keep it succinct!  If a story is told in 10 pictures, can it be captured in 5? Or does each picture warrant its own story?

While I can be found lurking in Facebook groups, I prefer to share my pictures on Instagram now.  So please find me there at mr_marco_polo34.

When I rebuild my 3D rig, I may revive this blog to post new pics.

Now to make new cosplay cards with the Instagram handle...

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